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Our business is primarily Contingency and Contract Recruiting. We work on recruiting assignments for client companies for a fee. We represent clients who are interested in interviewing and hiring the most experienced and talented candidates in their industry. With a Retained Search agreement, the Client receives a right of first refusal on all candidates who are identified during that search.

If the Client is not interested in a particular candidate, we are then free to present that candidate to our non-retained clients, with the goal of placing them on a contingency fee basis. Recruiting, as committed client projects, both require an initial investment because there are time and material costs associated with starting up a new search assignment. Generally, the Retained or Contract Recruiting pricing works as follows:


An agreed upon percentage of a candidate’s annual compensation as our final fee. We require 1/3rd of the total fee to start the project, another 1/3rd after initial interviews of qualified candidates, and the balance due on the start date of a successful hire. Retained Search is usually reserved for time critical situations, a sudden important vacancy, the need to work confidentially to replace someone, or the Client has identified specific individuals they want us to attract for them. We guarantee right of first refusal for the Client on all candidates identified. We work until we complete the assignment successfully


We designate a block of time daily to represent your company on a variety of open positions. Our assignment is to fill as many of these as possible, within the contract period. We require an initial deposit; the amount is dependent upon a variety of specifics tailored to your situation. Our fee is a percentage of a candidate’s total annual compensation, minus any deposits.


We present candidates to companies we have strong relationships with, where we recognize a candidate’s potential for strong career growth. We make recommendations to candidates and if interested, we contact these companies who have positions available that fit the candidate’s skills and background. No initial deposit is required but the candidates are submitted at our discretion. The contingency fee is only due upon start date of a successful hire.

Our Goals

Our goal at Christian Howell is to find the candidates who will add value to your organization, ensuring a great fit with both goals and commitment. We commit to work closely with you to ensure we not only provide a good skill match, but also a good cultural match. At Christian Howell we provide you with the professional level of recruiting services you need to run your business efficiently and profitably. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to accomplish your goals. We strive to provide you, our client, with the best available talent to address the challenges facing you in a competitive marketplace. We will be aggressive in the pursuit of excellence in the candidates we provide. We will identify, evaluate and establish relationships with the finest talent in our specialty fields.

We commit to maintain our level of training so as to provide “value-added” executive search services.

While we do not focus on any particular industry, the majority of our clients are technology-driven firms, involved in the communications, computer, and information management sectors. We see boundless needs for qualified individuals with skills and talents that might not be available in today’s market.

The technology field is emerging and growing exponentially each year and the ability to source top-notched personnel will be the key factor for the future. The ability to service the businesses and organizations of the future will depend on the following:

  • A company that has the ability to project and anticipate potential opportunities.
  • A company that has an operation, which is transformable and flexible.
  • A company that can resolve current needs, while devising solutions for the future.
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